Hi, I'm Sei
A product and strategy consultant for startups

My work enables founders to make hard decisions and leads teams to deliver.

I help give your vision the best chance of success.

The why

You, the brave founder, are diving head-first into uncharted waters.  I founded Moonstory because I want to help you.

I want to bolster your skills, give you proven tools and be your sounding board.  I want to support your decision-making and help you avoid pitfalls so that your vision has the best chance of success.

Things I do

Interim Product Leadership

Founding teams are lean and a new senior hire can be a costly gamble in time, cash and equity.

If you are considering hiring a Head of Product or expanding a Product team but are not sure where to start, I can be the bridge to help you make the right hires.

Interim CPO / Head of Product
Product Strategy / Roadmap Planning
New Product Proof of Concept or MVP

Digital Transformation

The world is changing faster than ever and businesses are under pressure to be agile and adapt or risk falling behind.

A fresh pair of eyes and an outside perspective can fuel your business’s evolution.

Digital Audit
Strategic Planning & Analysis
Go-to-market Strategy

Seed, Angel or Series A Fundraising Prep

Preparing for early funding can be daunting whether you are a first-time founder or a seasoned CEO.

The sheer amount of time and thinking required (on top of your day job) can be overwhelming.  I can help.

Pitch Deck
Financial Model
Dataroom / Due Diligence Preparation

Who I've worked with

Digital Transformation Lead

The Moonstory team was engaged to transform the digital estate of one of the world's largest societies in the field of retina science and upgrade the digital experience for its members during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Consultant

Following a shift in strategy, the AllBright founders brought me in to kick-start their Digital Transformation.

Strategy Consultant

As first-time tech founders, Nursery Story engaged me to sanity check their proposed business, build a financial model and support their launch.

Investor Readiness Consultant

With a planned Series A raise, Proximity Insight hired me to help structure and present its growth to date and future plans, in investor-ready ways.

Interim Head of Product

Following their seed funding round, I joined Studytracks to lead the build and launch of their new product MVP.

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Sei is fast and highly efficient and works in an agile manner. This allowed for the various obstacles met along the way to be overcome as required, rarely with any great fall out to time-line.

Her processes are methodical and transparent and she keeps a close eye on every single part of the process.

- Dara Conlon, May 2021
Executive Vice President, EURETINA


Sei has an incredible gift for making the complex appear simple, is a pleasure to work with and always delivers to an exceptionally high standard.

She will challenge your thinking, provide you with alternative perspectives and, where appropriate, actively coach / mentor / advise you to find solutions.

- Danny Vilela, August 2020
Co-Founder & CEO, Nursery Story


It was great watching Sei in action, she clearly knows what she is doing and drives pace and progress while maintaining a very high quality of execution.

She’s great with numbers, digital technology and people. I’d definitely recommend her for any team that’s serious about getting results!

- Anna Jones, July 2020
Co-Founder, AllBright

In lieu of chaos - a little about me

I’ve always been excited by change. Growing up across three cultures, speaking two languages and moving home every few years meant change was the constant.

In my career, I actively sought out hands-on experience working through complex challenges in fast-paced environments full of ambiguity - this is my happy place.

As a result, over the last 10 years, I have accumulated a rich breadth of experience spanning startups and turnarounds.

I am now more able than ever to take on complex problems and navigate uncertainty with grace.  No chaos here.

Experience has taught me that how you deal with change has a profound effect on not only the outcome of the situation but also your mental and physiological well-being.

In a startup, it can be the decider of your success or failure.

My passion and goal is to help founders be change and success ready - because I believe our future success depends on more, better and forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

How I work

Every founder is unique and each project is different. 

I have a flexible approach that caters to each business’s needs and existing skillset.  

My way of working has a strong bias towards action and every project will have a clear set of deliverables.

Working with me, you’ll also tap into my network of trusted professionals including developers, designers and marketers who can supplement your internal teams and help deliver results at pace.


These are the values that have served me well and continue to guide me.

The projects I take on are rarely a solo effort. They usually require tight collaboration with in-house or external specialists. I use these values to set expectations and keep everyone aligned on ways of working and succeeding.

Perfect execution over perfect strategy

We are perfectionists who strive to become masters of execution - intelligently, focussed and at pace.

Our efforts will always favour action over sustained thinking. We will act as soon as we know enough, never all.

We won’t waste time chasing the ever-elusive, perfect strategy.

Embrace ambiguity (big hug)

Decision paralysis is our nemesis. We train to be comfortable wading through seas of grey. We make ambiguity our friend.

Our ways of working keep us grounded, sane and effective. We strive to pass these ways of working onto the teams we work with.

People over process

We believe that successful teams rely on the ability of each individual to make effective micro judgements and decisions in their day-to-day.

The quality of those decisions and actions will determine how well the team executes on its ideas.

Great processes only get you so far. Too much is unknown. That’s why we have a preference for helping people do better on their own, not writing better guide books.

Powered by diversity

We don't pretend to have all the answers. We believe the best ideas come from the collective wisdom of individuals with different views, experiences and areas of expertise.

Diversity in thought helps to prevent blindspots and achieve breakthroughs.

When it comes to understanding the customer, we favour learning directly from the customer base over relying solely on our or the founders' gut feel.

When it comes to teams, clients and suppliers, we seek like-minded partners. This means that they operate in flat structures where everyone has a voice. This also means that they demonstrate a willingness to prioritise diversity in their own hiring practices.

Let's get to know each other.

Get in touch to explore how I can help you.  

The initial consultation is of course free, so that we can get to know each other better first.