Slow down.
Take a breather.
Become a better team.
Moonstory Retreats.

An investment to strengthen, up-skill and motivate your whole team.

Moonstory Retreats are structured getaways for startup teams designed to rest, reinvigorate and align team members. They take place over 3-5 days in a private cottage close to nature.

Bring an open mind and we'll handle the rest.

Moonstory Retreats are currently available by invitation only. However, we are always looking to make new friends. So, if you think your team would value a Moonstory Retreat, please email us at

Let's go

We get you and your struggles.

Moonstory Retreats was created based on the collective experience of Tech and Product leaders who have led teams in startups at all stages from founding to exit.

We are painfully familiar with the common pitfalls and struggles of startup leaders and teams.

We believe in an alternative to the 'always-on' culture that has dominated our industry.

What To Expect

Your retreat, your programme.

We will get to know your team and curate a programme that works best for where your team is now and where it wants to go, together with you.

Our mind and body practices as well as opportunities for 1:1 coaching will enhance the programme's efficacy.


Get closer to nature.

Our hand-picked collection of retreat venues are set to inspire calm discussion, self-reflection and creativity.

We put in the time to find venues with outdoor areas, communal spaces and facilities for every team member to be comfortable in - so you don't have to.

Tell me more

Our team & friends.

We've been around the block, had successes and stumbles. Finding moments to share our experience with you is the inspiration behind Moonstory Retreats.

Sei Moon

Founder, Moonstory & Moonstory Retreats


Time after time, I see teams spinning in unsustainable ways and sacrificing valuable energy on things that matter less.

Being naturally ambitious, I need to balance my drive for success with my capacity. Over time, I have learnt ways to maintain high levels of output without overdoing it.

So can you.

Jon Bretman

Tech CTO,
Moonstory Retreats Advisor


I've seen teams burn the candle at both ends because they "need to ship faster" and teams that have lost the ability to ship anything at all.

I have come to realise that teams do well when they know what their goals are and why those things matter. Managers should provide context rather than give instructions.

With Moonstory Retreats, I am excited to get to help more teams.

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